TPU Elastic Thread (Crystal Thread)
Material: 100%TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)
Available diameter: 0.4-2.0MM
Packing: 1000Mts/Roll
Characteristics: Good elasticity, crystal body, strong in various specifications.
Our elastic thread are very suitable for necklace, bracelet as well as garments.

Article No. Specification Approximate Length /Kg
EY04 φ0.4 6293M
EY05 φ0.5 4027M
EY06 φ0.6 2797M
EY08 φ0.8 1573M
EY10 φ1.0 1007M
EY12 φ1.2 700M
EY14 φ1.4 514M
EY16 φ1.6 393M
EY18 φ1.8 311M

Length tolerance:+-3%( Any color and specification can be made by ordered )